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Eva RuizLA JARA JEWELLERY was born in 2008 from the need to express the creativity, emotions and experience of her designer Eva Ruiz.

Eva Ruiz was born and lives now in Barcelona, but she has also lived in Madrid and London, where she studied fashion jewellery design and accessories in the prestigious school Central St. Martins among others. She defines herself as multifaceted, self-motivated, and in love with all kind of art manifestations. She holds a Degree in Publicity and also studied classic dance and performing. For a while, she worked in Tv and in trend fashion magazines.

But, her attention to the smallest details and her appreciation of fashion brought her to her current passion, design her own range of accessories.

LA JARA JEWELLERY begun with limited collections for a handful of prestigious boutiques in Spain. Since then, it has acquired a steady name, and we are present in different tradeshow and recognized in the International market.

Elegancy, originality and natural sensibility draw its identity. And the mix of materials and vibrant colours inspiring freedom is its trademark.

Every collection has a story behind, a certain harmony between modern and ancient worlds that reflects her designer tireless search and personal exploration.

Each piece is hand-made with quality materials carefully selected around the world to respect our philosophy.